Number of Students Per School: 1-4

Registration Fees per Student (Cumulative Cost):

1st Student: $225* ($225)

2nd Student: $395 ($620)

3rd Student: $395 ($1,115)

4th Student: $395 ($1,510)

Fees cover all seminar accommodation, food and activities expense. Students are also provided a t-shirt to wear throughout the seminar. Fees do not cover transport to and from the seminar, or any purchases through our onsite HOBY Store.

Student Selection: Each school has the freedom to select their representatives as they see best. Some schools require essay submission, other schools rely on teacher recommendations. In the past there have been one or two schools who create a small selection committee to conduct interviews. Selection should be conducted as a best-fit according to the individual school.

Student Criteria: HOBY Seminars are designed to empower and educate young leaders. These leaders often include National Honors Society members, Associated Student Body officials, outstanding athletes, creative artists, and students who have never been given a chance to shine. A student doesn’t have to be a leader before attending HOBY; it is our task to teach all representatives that leadership comes in many shapes and sizes, and that each action can be influential.

How to register: Register your OUTSTANDING sophomore through the national website. All registrations are processed through the HOBY International offices. Each school in Washington state is designated with a specific ID and password. If you are a school representative who has not received the needed information please contact for more information.

Registration Kit: School representatives–for more information on registering students, please take a look at the HOBY Registration Kit.