June 2020

Ways to Volunteer from Home


By Gavin Imes Due to COVID-19, many of our regular volunteer roles have been paused. If you are at home and wishing for a way to help the world, here is a list of ways you can volunteer your time, donate, and help make a difference!  Crisis Text Line:  Crisis Text Line is a free 24/7 national [...]

Ways to Volunteer from Home2020-06-24T11:51:30-07:00

Thank You, Eric Martin!


By Gavin Imes After many years of dedication to HOBY Washington, this summer we say goodbye to our current Leadership Seminar Chair (LSC), Eric Martin. Since attending HOBY Washington as an ambassador in 2007, Eric has dedicated a large portion of his time and energy to this organization, both at a local and international level. He rose through the [...]

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A Letter of Encouragement


Dear Reader, There is beauty in silence, grace in stillness, and life in solitude. Even in the midst of a pandemic, life must go on. It has to go on. This time of chaos and uncertainty has presented many difficulties to each of us. COVID-19 has drastically altered our lives these past few months. [...]

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January 2020

What it means to be Generous


By Loren Negron When I reflect on the past decade, I am reminded of the many inspiring moments I experienced. Those moments were grounded on empathy, compassion, kindness, patience and understanding. More importantly, they were built on a bedrock of generosity. Generosity, for me, means to offer parts of ourselves to others to help imbue [...]

What it means to be Generous2020-01-26T13:39:22-08:00

A SMART Guide to Resolutions


By Gavin Imes As January comes to a close, let’s take a moment to reflect on the beginning of the new year. Did you make any resolutions for 2020? If so, how are you doing with those resolutions? Are you on track to meet your goals and starting to see a change in yourself? [...]

A SMART Guide to Resolutions2020-01-26T14:01:35-08:00

October 2019

Why I Volunteer With HOBY


By Arla Sutton I’m a master list maker—8 different lists are all currently in use on my phone, and I have a bullet journal almost entirely full of daily lists, weekly lists, and miscellaneous lists. One of the easiest ways to describe me, in a word, is organized. Naturally, I was going through the notes [...]

Why I Volunteer With HOBY2019-10-27T17:07:56-07:00

A Reflection on my HOBY Experience


By Brandon Wu, As I stepped onto the HOBY bus, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had never met over 95% of the people there with me, so I was as excited as I was nervous. The latter fell away quickly as I heard someone begin to play something on a stereo; it was [...]

A Reflection on my HOBY Experience2019-10-27T17:11:40-07:00

Embrace, Live and Share your Story


By Loren Negron A family member once told me: “Your story is the hardest book you will read and write. Embrace it.” My story was something I used to fear. I was ashamed of my childhood experiences and the trauma I survived. Growing up, I silenced myself from sharing my story because I lacked self-esteem. [...]

Embrace, Live and Share your Story2019-10-27T17:05:58-07:00
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