Our seminar will take place June 17-20, 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will be hosting our seminar virtually this year.

Limiting in-person exposure is the best way we can ensure the safety of the students and so we’re hard at work planning a great virtual experience for this year. Our seminar will continue to offer an engaging and inspiring experience for sophomores all across Washington even as they attend from their own homes and communities.

For this year only, we are inviting both sophomores AND juniors to register for HOBY. We had to cancel our 2020 seminar because of the pandemic and we want to extend the upcoming seminar to include the students who missed out last year. We are also happy to offer a reduced price for our seminar due to the move to virtual; each student registration will cost $225 and this cost goes towards live speakers, t-shirts, software, shipping, and more.

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Cost Per Student

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For more information and to register a student visit HERE.