Volunteering with HOBY Washington

HOBYWA is a non-profit youth leadership organization run and operated by the service of volunteers.  No individual receives compensation or payment for their work preparing or running the annual four-day seminar.  Volunteers donate their time and energy to provide a wonderful leadership opportunity for high school sophomores who wish to mkae a difference in their school and community.  You too can become a volunteer and help encourage the leaders of tomorrow.


To apply, follow the link to hoby.org and fill out an Application.

If you are applying to be a facilitator, fill out our HOBY WA-specific application here.

If you are applying to be a part of the Team Alumni, fill out our HOBY WA-specific application here.

Staff Testimonials –

“I consider HOBY to be one of the most important things that I do every year to encourage the growth of society.  Volunteering at the seminar as a staff member, and one who did not participate as an ambassador, is a unique opportunity because you have the chance to experience the seminar yourself while helping others to expand and explore their leadership skills.  Attending as a student is advantageous because opportunities like this are rare before entering a professional field.  I look forward to returning each year as it is always encouraging to see young people who have a passion for making a difference in the world.” – Kyle

“Every year I volunteer as a staff member, I leave with a new sense of hope for what young leaders in Washington can do for our schools and communities.  As staff, we are there to inspire them, but I always leave knowing the ambassadors have inspired me!  HOBY kids are one of the greatest assets we have as a state in youth leadership and I’m so happy to volunteer year after year!” – Adrienne