October 2019

Why I Volunteer With HOBY


By Arla Sutton I’m a master list maker—8 different lists are all currently in use on my phone, and I have a bullet journal almost entirely full of daily lists, weekly lists, and miscellaneous lists. One of the easiest ways to describe me, in a word, is organized. Naturally, I was going through the notes [...]

Why I Volunteer With HOBY2019-10-27T17:07:56-07:00

A Reflection on my HOBY Experience


By Brandon Wu, As I stepped onto the HOBY bus, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had never met over 95% of the people there with me, so I was as excited as I was nervous. The latter fell away quickly as I heard someone begin to play something on a stereo; it was [...]

A Reflection on my HOBY Experience2019-10-27T17:11:40-07:00

Embrace, Live and Share your Story


By Loren Negron A family member once told me: “Your story is the hardest book you will read and write. Embrace it.” My story was something I used to fear. I was ashamed of my childhood experiences and the trauma I survived. Growing up, I silenced myself from sharing my story because I lacked self-esteem. [...]

Embrace, Live and Share your Story2019-10-27T17:05:58-07:00
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