Updated 3/31/22

Goals and Intentions 

Our main goal is to keep everyone (participants, volunteers, and speakers) safe and provide the best experience possible for our ambassadors (participants). 

The following protocols have been developed by HOBY Washington and include guidelines provided by the CDC, Washington State, Whitworth University, and HOBY International. 


For HOBY Washington 2022, we are holding an In-person seminar at Whitworth University from June 16th, 2022, to June 19th, 2022. Dependent upon outbreak numbers and Whitworth requirements, this could change. If this changes, everyone will be contacted and offered a virtual seminar experience or possibly a delayed seminar experience. 


Up-to-date vaccines are required (booster as eligible) for anyone related to HOBY on-site: volunteers, ambassadors (participants), & speakers. Medical exemptions will be allowed with a doctor’s note before the seminar and a negative PCR test.   

We will collect vaccine dates via our information forms due a month before the seminar. On-site, everyone will show their vaccine cards or photo of vaccine cards to our medic upon arrival.  

24 hours before arriving on campus, everyone will fill out a symptoms screening. If there are any symptoms, they will not be allowed on campus. Every day on campus, everyone will fill out that same screening. See FAQ below for more information on symptoms and what will happen. 



We will have masks on hand for any situation necessary or any requests. Masks will be required for our volunteers for registration and pick up. Masks are required for anyone taking the HOBY bus to and from campus (this is additional transportation to and from campus that participants can pay for). We will follow CDC and Washington guidelines for mask requirements and encourage everyone to do what makes them feel safe. 

Rapid Tests 

We will have some rapid tests on-site for extra reassurance.  

Quarantine Rooms

We will have extra dorm rooms for anyone showing symptoms for quarantining. 


We will provide hand sanitizer and have sanitizing wipes and medical gloves if anyone requests. We will encourage washing hands often.   

Social Distancing 

Social distancing will occur within reasoning. We will be outdoors as much as possible. We will also aim to spread out as much as possible and be in well-ventilated areas.  

We will also encourage everyone to sleep head-to-toe (each roommate will face a different direction while sleeping). Everyone will also be encouraged to keep their windows open if possible. 


This document is open to be changed based on CDC, Washington State, HOBY International and Whitworth guidelines. We will email any large changes to any participants, parents, guardians, volunteers, speakers, and anyone else affected. If you have any questions, you can contact the Leadership Seminar Chair, Justine Keller, at LSC@hobywa.org 


What happens if someone has a positive test within two weeks of the seminar? 

Ambassadors (participants) can be registered to attend a virtual seminar, so they will not miss out on the HOBY experience! We will not allow anyone with a positive test within two weeks before the seminar to be on campus.  

Follow the latest CDC recommendations for returning to work after positive. Less than two weeks in many cases. 

What happens if someone does not feel comfortable attending in person or getting vaccinated? 

Participants can still attend a HOBY seminar! We can transfer the participant to another site holding a virtual seminar. Please inform our Director of Recruitment as soon as possible (recruitment@hobywa.org).  

Additionally, other HOBY sites could allow for vaccine exceptions on-site. For further additional site information, check out www.hoby.org  or reach out to our Director of Recruitment to get you in contact with another site. 

What happens if someone shows symptoms or tests positive with a rapid test on campus? 

If someone is showing symptoms (regardless if a rapid test comes back negative) or tests positive, we will send them home for their safety as well as the safety of everyone else involved. Given the faultiness of rapid tests, we take this precaution to get participants the help they need quickly for recovery and prevent spreading.  

If a participant leaves early, they are allowed to be transferred to attend a virtual seminar, regardless of progress through the program.  

What happens on campus? 

We will determine if someone needs to leave the program by speaking with our medic/nurse or through the daily symptom screening. We will provide both the participant and the volunteers around the participant with a mask. We will only inform those who are necessary of the situation. The Leadership Seminar Chair will limit the number of people around that participant and contact their parents or guardians to inform them of the situation and arrange for pick-up of the participant. Volunteers wearing masks and social distancing will be near the participant to not leave the participant alone. The participant will collect their belongings and move to a quarantine room to limit exposure. The volunteers will wait outside and bring food and other needs to the participant. 

What is the requirement after the seminar? 

Within a week of seminar, the symptomatic person must take a PCR test and inform HOBY Washington of any positive results. We will reach out and get them connected with another virtual seminar and get them any other information about other HOBY opportunities.  

What do I need to know about Registration & Pick-Up? 

We will set up a registration table outside or near the doors to welcome participants and get them set up for the seminar. Volunteers will help participants go through registration and get to the right place. We will not be allowing friends and families to go into the dorms. The registration process takes around 10-15 minutes.  

Volunteers will wear masks during registration and pick up.  

We will have volunteers helping direct at the parking lot during pick-up and send participants with volunteers in small groups as parents & guardians arrive 

I am a parent, guardian, family member, or friend of the participant and want to know more! 

We are excited to share what will happen during the seminar, provide information, and answer questions. We will host a webinar before the seminar to answer any questions and provide some information about what is happening.  

Additionally, we will record and share our closing ceremonies where we congratulate our participants and recap the seminar. 

What if there is a large outbreak? 

Our goal is not to have this happen; however, safety is our priority. We will contact parents and guardians and end the seminar early. If needed, we will quarantine in dorm rooms and work to minimize spread as much as possible.  

What if my question was not answered? 

Email our Leadership Seminar Chair, Justine Keller, at LSC@hobywa.org for more information. She is happy to answer or provide any answer you would like to know! 

Your health and safety remain our highest priority. Please refer regularly to the Centers for Disease Control for emerging guidance on COVID-19 health and safety.