2020 HOBY WA Seminar Planning Committee –

Justine Keller – Leadership Seminar Chair (LSC)

Justine Keller has volunteered with Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Organization since she was an ambassador in 2007 at HOBY Pennsylvania East. Wanting to continue the positive ripple effect, she has volunteered both in a variety of roles for multiple local seminars across the country, as well as the World Leadership Congress and the Advanced Leadership Academy. Justine is a Product Designer and Data Visualization Specialist. She has an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts and an MS in Data Visualization from Parsons. She believes that impact and passion lead to a better world. She enjoys cooking, baking, traveling, skiing, and photography in her free time.

Caty Neeser – Director of Programs

Caty is an alumni of HOBY Washington and has served as both a facilitator and our current Director of Programs for 2020-2021. She is a current student at the University of Washington and is excited to be planning HOBY Washington’s first-ever virtual seminar.

Jonathan Walsh – Director of Technology

Jonathan is a 2012 HOBY Texas North alumnus and serves as the 2021-22 Director of Technology. Jonathan has been volunteering with HOBY for five years and previously volunteered as a facilitator for HOBY Texas Central and HOBY WA. For the past two years, he has been a part of HOBY WA’s recruitment team. His favorite HOBY cheer is “P-A-R-T-Y.” For the first few months of 2022, he has been busy working a new software engineer job, climbing, skiing, and traveling.

Erin WrzesinskiErin Kaufman – Director of Recruitment

Erin attended HOBY Washington as an ambassador in 2010 and has held many different volunteer positions with HOBY WA over the years including facilitator, Director of Team Alumni, Director of Recruitment, and Director of Facilitators. She is currently serving as the Director of Recruitment once again and is very excited for the 2022 seminar. Erin graduated from Western Washington University with a History degree that somehow led to a career at a local credit union. Other than HOBY her interests include: Vladimir the cat, crafts of all kinds, and the pursuit of the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Tyler Hamke – Director of Operations

Tyler is a 2011 HOBY Washington and WLC alumnus and has volunteered with HOBY WA in several positions since his ambassador year. He is passionate about using engineering to create technology to help improve the lives of people all over the world. He is a proud alumnus of Gonzaga University and currently spends his time building machines that equip communities with better tools for sanitation and waste management. When not working he enjoys traveling, ultrarunning, paragliding, exploring the North Cascades, and discovering new podcasts.

Randi TaylorRandi Taylor –  Director of Development

Randi has been involved with HOBY in a number of different positions since her ambassador year in 2006 and is always willing to step up and help in anyway she can. Randi took the skills she learned as an ambassador and has transferred them into her daily life helping animals. She volunteers with a number of rescues to help animals in need in addition to her job at Washington State University (Go Cougs) Veterinary Teaching Hospital where she helps nurse sick animals back to health.

Zoe Jaspers –  Director of Team Alumni

Zoe has volunteered with HOBY for more than eight years and is currently HOBY Washington’s Director of Team Alumni, as well as a facilitator with HOBY Idaho. Outside of their life in HOBY, Zoe is an alum of Gonzaga University in both History and Religious Studies, a proud cat parent to a sassy senior cat, caretaker to a growing collection of houseplants and captain to a team in the world’s largest scavenger hunt for eight years and counting. They also like to knit, sew, and hike during their free time.